by Arbor Day

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Arbor Day is:
Andrew Waterstraat
Sean Sullivan
Danny Sciaccotta


released April 28, 2017

Music and Lyrics written by Arbor Day
Produced and Recorded by Tyler Albertson in his bedroom.



all rights reserved


Arbor Day Oak Lawn, Illinois

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Track Name: Pressure
Its been a while since I remembered what it feels like
To be a normal person in this cold world
My tattered clothes, a selfish reminder
that I'm not alone

Pressure, weighing down my chest
The elephant I found there has become a good friend
It shows consistency unlike everyone else

I hope that I find a way out of this apathetic trance that I consider my home
Its a mindset that keeps my mind set on doubt
Believe me I want this more than anyone
Bend me break me until I'm bleeding
Ill never change

These butterflies give me a sense of uneasiness
Summer drives make me sick
My mind is my own ventriloquist
Don't look at me its not a trick
I've been bent and broken since I cant stop bleeding
This lack of sleep has my hair receding
Pain in my chest had me stop believing
That there's an out I just can't retrieve it

Walking forward sprinting back
Reaching out for endless slack
Its a waste of time I'm a nervous wreck
Its the way I think that guides my life
I am a newfound recluse I wont find the light
Track Name: Bladerunner
What is your problem? You're making the biggest mistake of your life
Bend my will until it breaks, You are worth more to me dead anyway

I'm having trouble coming to terms
With why my back keeps breaking inwards
My spine is the problem your words were always the cause

I can't remember when I was happy
Why wont you tell me? Why don't you miss me?
And you're gone
Track Name: South Side
I remember nights when we'd fall asleep
This porch light romance has taken its toll on me

I hear the static on the radio spewing rhetoric about ideas to cope with the fact that I'm a wreck and
Fall is setting and you're not even home yet
Enigmas from the land of lakes transferred to all the agendas of my prideful states
I know I'll never feel whole again

These streetlights bring out the jealousy within
I can't breathe. I can't sleep
There's nothing on the Eastern hemisphere that's more beautiful to me

I've been living in a past tense daze
There's an ocean between, I still feel blocks away
I hope you loved those European skylines
I'll wait and rot on the south side
Track Name: Apathy
8,765 Hours that I spent on you
I wish I could take back every minute of it
But its still just seconds I'm wasted on the truth

Where are the good old days when I need them
Back when your promises you would keep them
My shattered heart, I know you'll need it
Its not the same

Months upon months have passed since I left you
And as the seasons have changed I found that I have too
I'm better off when you're not around

Months upon months have passed since I feel true
And I can honestly say its no thanks to you
I've found my crown
Track Name: Empathy
Tell me again the things you said
On our drive home like you'd never leave me
You're the best looking actress I've ever met
Just as I'm content you lie to me again
And tell me how much you miss me

My empathy brings me closer to your water
I won't let you drown on me
You're breaking everything that we built
From these past few years
I will rebuild and recover

Here we go again
Destroying our time as if it were nothing
Defending everything you did
Play the victim believe that you're honest
You're a phantom I used to call a friend
From now on I'll refer to you in past tense